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Why Do You Trust In The Ravings Of A Madman?

You think you don’t?

I respectfully – and perhaps also boldly – would like to suggest otherwise.

You see, when you are too invested into something, you tend to become identified with it.

And what you tend to identify yourself with, you then fail to see it for what it truly is.

That is: NOT you.

What am I referring to here?

But, Of Course, To Your Mind

With Its Never-Ending Stream Of Thoughts

Or, more accurately, to your investment in, and subsequent identification with, the thoughts produced by your mind, forming the content of your mind, or even being your mind.

I mean…

If you can say in full honesty that you remain disassociated with, and unaffected by, your thoughts on the psychological (obviously, not the practical) level, then you really needn’t continue reading this post.

But if that is not the case – in other words, if you belong to the overwhelming majority of human beings tormented by their incessant mental noise – then, isn’t it true that…

Very Frequently, If Not Most Of The Time,

Your Thoughts Sound Worryingly Like

The Ravings Of A Madman?

Again, here, stark and courageous earnestness is required from you:

If you could stand aside, so to say, and record the stream of your thoughts for a given period of time, how many of them would appear to be alarmingly close to psychotic outbursts?

Now, I am not a professional specialist in this field, therefore I could never proceed with issuing any sort of illegitimate “diagnoses”; that much is clear and true.

Yet, my common sense assures me that such a mental stock-taking exercise on your side would likely reveal that so many of your thoughts are but a hodgepodge of irrational ramblings, persecution complex expressions, paranoia-prone deliberations, excessive and paralyzing fears, sprawling fantasies, negative scenarios’ analyses… and the list goes on…

Clearly, This Is Anything But Healthy

And, as we have discussed before, your entanglement with your thoughts is the root cause of most of your suffering.

Which is to say that most of your suffering is illusory and unnecessary.

Because, as you can incontestably see once you take a distant and objective look at your actual life experience, nearly all such thoughts are unfounded and never materialize in your daily experience.

So, then, the good thing is that the solution to your main problem – living in a constant state of anxiety and stress – lies entirely with you:

Stop Listening To

And Stop Trusting And Acting In Accordance With

Your Toxic Thoughts

How to achieve this is obviously the not-so-easy part.

But I have already hinted towards the first important realization you must reach, in order to move in the correct direction:

You Are Not, And Could Never Be, Your Thoughts

And if you observe them “from the outside”, taking just one proverbial step away, the truth of this statement will be demonstrated to you.

Well, then, start doing so!

Observe your thoughts, record them and objectively analyze them, dissecting them – like a persistent, committed lab scientist – down to their very core, down to their root.

Understand what they reveal about you, and in particular about your conditioning and harmful external influences.

Then… start cleaning them up.

You will probably notice you don’t have to spend too much effort in this regard.

Once A Thought Is Properly And Thoroughly

Examined And Understood For What It Truly Is,

It Dissolves,

Never To Bother You Again

The keywords here being “properly and thoroughly”.

Now, you can go ahead dealing in such a way with each and every of your negative thoughts, one by one.

But, really, would it not be much more efficient and practical if you could aim at the root cause of your problem?

That is:

Your Very Misidentification

With Your Mind And Its Contents 

To go down this route is not only recommendable but, eventually, unavoidable.

This is your self-investigation and self-realisation path.

Finding Out Who – What – You Truly Are

If you are ready to start such a transformational journey into the depths of your True Being, it helps if you are prepared and equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to launch it.

Now, Truth be told, the more you progress down this road, the more of a burden than of a help any concrete knowledge or method becomes.

However, these things are definitely needed for the novice in the self-realization – or spiritual awakening – quest.

I have recently developed exactly such a toolkit, which is based on timeless philosophical and spiritual teachings.

And I am obviously very partial when it comes to its value, as I am also convinced about it.

Of course only you can be the final judge.

You Can Find It Here

Why not have a look and give it a try right now?

It is only a very small investment with a priceless return/reward potential for you.

Go for it, and should you need any further information write to me.

In the meantime,

Remain alert, present and keep your thoughts at bay!


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