Why Is It So Difficult To Let Go Of Everything That Does Not Serve You?

The holiday season is typically a transitional period, whereby we reflect on what happened in our lives in the year that is about to end, and on what we would like to happen in the one that’s about to come.

Such inner process is usually an “accumulation-based” one.

It basically boils down to: “these are the new achievements I accomplished and the new problems I inherited last year, and these are my new plans for next year”.

And so we move on.

Constantly enlarging our sense of identity with our mushrooming “achievements”, “problems” and “plans”.

While, on the other hand, becoming more and more unsatisfied because of what we haven’t achieved yet, fearful of what we may lose and anxious about whether we will get what we still (think we) need.

Does This Resonate With You?

If it does, please take a moment to try and disassociate yourself from this relentless mechanism, operating within you virtually all the time, and see it for what it truly is.

Then, honestly ask yourself:

How Exactly Has All This Madness Served You?

Sure, it might have led to one or the other (or, even, to many a) external manifestation of “success” or “accomplishment” in your life.

But, in all honesty, has it made you any happier?

Or has its effect rather been the contrary?

Please, don’t get me wrong.

There is nothing bad about achieving this or the other material or concrete thing in your personal or professional life.

But what truly matters is the premise on which such achievement is based.

And this is always within you.

In other words, what is really important when pursuing your worldly objectives is where you are truly coming from, what your inner state is.

Are You Coming From A Place Of Bliss, Curiosity, Joy And Openness…

Or Rather From One Of Anxiety, Doubt, Fear And Limitation?

If the former is the case, rejoice and keep on doing what you’re doing.

But if the latter is the case, maybe it is high time you took a step back and objectively and seriously considered:

Why Can You Not Let Go Of Everything That Does Not Serve You?

Why can you not let go of the fact that your happiness does not depend upon anything society recognizes as “desirable” or “successful”?

Why can you not let go of the fact that you cannot hold onto your material wealth forever?

Why can you not let go of the fact that it is impossible to always make it so that others perfectly attend to your expectations and to your needs?

Why can you not let go of the fact that you cannot stay young forever and that you cannot be perennially on “top of the world”?

Why can you not let go of your fears, since they are anyway illusory?

Why can you not let go of your urge to suffocate your mind’s incessant chatter through the one or the other addiction?

Why can you not let go of your attachments to all these things that come and go, by nature?

Why can you not let go of your distorted “self-image”?

Why can you not let go of all the psychological baggage you have been carrying around with you (for no real reason other than an ill-advised, semi-unconscious self-enhancement need) all these years?

Why can you not let go of your compulsion to let some things go (meaning pushing them away or “under the carpet”), before fully experiencing them, thus allowing them to pass right through you?

Why can you not let go of everything that is not right here, right now, at the present moment, which is, by definition, the only thing ever demanding your attention and action?

In a nutshell:

Why Can You Not Let Go

Of Everything That Is NOT You?

Because, you see, this is the first and most crucial stage of the most important quest you are ever to undertake in your life.

I am speaking of course about your self-realisation quest.

The fact that you are here, still reading these lines, is a strong indication of your sensing, in a deep level of yourself, that you can delay, but ultimately cannot escape, embarking on this amazing journey.

And, if you are being frank with yourself, you also know you DO NOT WANT to escape it!

So why not start, right here, right now, by following this link?

See you on the other side (which is really much much closer than you may think)…

In the meantime,

Remain alert and present.


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