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You And The System

The System is a cold and dark place.

Literally and metaphorically.

The System Is A Prison

From Which You Want To Break Free

It engulfs you and entangles you in it, right at the moment you think you are about to finally escape from it.

The System Is A Silent Curse

And A Polite Insult

The System makes you put on a mask, but only after you have taken off your real face.

It is terrible and despicable, and desperation is its middle name.

The System is mesmerism and hocus pocus.

You cannot love it, and you can never hate it as much as it hates you.

The System Is A Prison

The Warden Of Which Is You

The key, here, is fear.

Fear and pain.

The System loves to terrorize you and make you suffer.

The System Is Sadistic

The System is all about appearances and never about substance.

The System is the chilling smile on the skeletal face of formality.

It is relentlessly after you, yet it never evicts you.

The System Wants You To Stay Always In

As Its Perennial Debtor

The System always takes more from you than what it gives you.

It doesn’t forget, it doesn’t forgive, it doesn’t forego.

The System Relies On You Never Relying On It

The System denies Life.

The System Is An Idea

That Is Always Either One Step Ahead Of You

Or One Step Behind You

The System sucks away all the Power of Now from you.

Everyone Must Serve The System

But No One Can De-serve It

The System is binary.

In order to appear as if it has everything in order, it has, in actuality, to be out of order.

The System is full of lies and deceptions.

It tricks you, but it never treats you.

The System Is Friendless And Joyless 

It is separation.

It is isolation.

It is constant negation.

The System Is Confusion

The System makes sure you cannot access certain areas of it… then it lures you into believing that were you able to access these areas, it would set you free.

The System Is A Negative Feedback Loop

The System is convention.

It is constant compromise, always a step below the lowest common denominator.

The System Is Loveless

The System rejects any kind of music.

The System executes beauty on the spot.

The System has a deeply sick iridescence about it.

The System fosters games where there is only one – temporary – winner and everyone else is a – permanent – loser.

The System Is A Monolithic Regime Of Banality

The System excludes from it all aspects of Nature.

The System Is Not Who You Truly Are

The System is unreal.

The System is a product of the Universal Human Mind.

Stop believing in the System.

See It For What It Truly Is

That is, a soulless rope passing for a venomous snake…

Until we meet again,

Relax and realize that you are not part of the System; it is rather that the System is the missing piece of a puzzle that is already complete; that is:

The Puzzle Of Your One And Only Truth:

Your True Self!

Always yours,


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