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You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself Through Your Eyes

Oh, yes.

It is true.

All these doubts, these worries and these concerns of yours, all this uncertainty, all this incessant turmoil in your heart that has been tormenting you for your entire life can come to an end right here, right now.

The problem is you’ve been wandering around, away from Home, far too long to be able to realize that…

You Are The Universe

Experiencing Itself Through This Particular Pair Of Eyes

That You See In The Mirror Looking Back At You

Every Single Day

So, this entity that has this name that people call you by is simply an outlet for the whole Universe to express and experience Itself.

Through your eyes, the Monolith of Reality assumes individuality and gets a taste – each time unique, each time different – of Itself.

And this is truly OK, but only as long as you realize this fundamental truth; that is, as long as you remember who you truly are.

The problem begins when you forget all about it and buy into this – Universal as well, yet impersonal – belief, according to which you are a separate individual unit of consciousness, cut-off from the rest of the world; a world that lies beyond the outline of your body.

As we have seen before, this is the biggest Illusion, as you and your environment are but two aspects of the very same thing, the very same living Entity.

You probably are yourself a victim of this Illusion, and the first thing you must do is to acknowledge and accept it.

Consciously and vividly so.

At The Very Moment You Do So,

Your Self-Realization And Liberation Journey Begins

You can take this journey step by step, gradually cleaning yourself up, until the full Truth reveals Itself to… Itself (you).

Or you can aim right at the heart, directly from the very beginning.

The point is that once you have been marked, you will go through this transformation process of unveiling your True Self… to yourself.

And… mark my words, you have been marked, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these very lines at this very moment.

I feel I am somehow repeating myself here, given that I have been talking very frequently about such things in this series of posts, but… who says that repetition cannot, every now and then, be a good and useful thing?

So, the question is not if you will be successful in awakening yourself to your One and Only Reality…

The Only Question Is


This Spiritual Awakening Of Yours Will Happen

The typical answer in these cases is:

Neither As Soon As You Would Like It…

Nor As Late As You Would Expect it To Happen 

It all boils down to your earnestness and persistence, as well as your patience, of course.

And if there’s one thing that is certain in this journey is that you need oceans of patience combined with a burning desire, an active disposition and a constant state of calm alertness and readiness.

Yes, don’t be surprised, you can – and you need to – have all these things simultaneously.

It may take some time to cultivate them so that they are altogether present, and, clearly, the path to your self-glory will not be a linear and straight one (it never is, no matter how “advanced” your starting point is), but you, my Friend, are irreversibly homeward bound.

Or, better:

You Are Bound To Realize

You Are Already At Home

Until we speak again,

Observe your actions and beware of your observations!

Your Universal Brother,


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