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You Can’t Always Get, But You Can Always Give, What You Want

I assure you, Friend:

Nobody said it better than the Rolling Stones did.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I don’t believe I need to argue that much in favor of that statement.

Because I have absolutely no doubt that your own personal experience – no matter who you are or where you are coming from – leaves you no choice but to concur and accept its validity.

The true question is, though:

Does It Really Matter That You Cannot Always Get What You Want?

Try to recall all these things that you have desperately wanted over the years of your life, up to now. 

Then, answer to me, truthfully:

How many of these things would you still want today?

Not many, I presume.

In any case, it is certain that there still exist several things, today, that you want very much and cannot get.

And I am also going to assume that you have rendered your happiness subject to your acquisition of these things, practically refusing to yourself to feel fulfilled and satisfied until they are yours.

If this is indeed so, and in addition to that fact that you are trying to prevent yourself from ever again feeling satisfied (to continue with the Rolling Stones, echoing one of their most popular song ever), you must understand that…

You Are So Gravely Misled!

You have condemned yourself to feel unhappy for no good reason, you see.

Why would you ever want to do that?

Please, take a moment to grasp the following truth:

What You Want Is Up To You…

But Whether You Will Actually Get It Is NOT

The blunt truth is that the outcome of any effort you undertake is never entirely up to you.

There will always be a plethora of – in actuality, infinite – factors outside your control that shall, inescapably, have a crucial say on the ultimate result of any endeavor you set in motion.

It should be a shared understanding of humanity by now, at this stage of its evolution, but it unfortunately is not:

No matter how stable and predictable it may appear to be on the surface, life is a chaotic system of acute sensitivity to the fluctuations of the infinitude of bigger or smaller things that are outside anyone’s sphere of influence.

What to do then?

Stop wanting anything, completely give up all of your desires, and unconditionally surrender yourself to the winds of fate?

Of course not!

What is rather required from you is a shift of focus:

From Getting To Giving,

And From Wanting To Offering 

It is pretty self-evident.

You can always give what you want to give.

In fact… why do you think you are here, on this planet, living this human life?

It is because you have, and are meant, to contribute to the world in your own, unique way, like nobody else could.

I maintain that everyone feels the urge to contribute to the betterment of life in this world, in the ways that resonate mostly with their skills, talents, inclinations, and whatever makes them brim with joy by the sheer act of their engagement with it.

And I also submit that there is no exception to this rule.

EVERY single human being feels such an urge, no matter how deeply it is pushed under layers and layers of one’s conditioning and attachment to misleading beliefs.

Therefore, I am pretty sure that this is something you also feel deep down inside of you.

Your Uniqueness

Is Determined By The Very Special Things You Can Do

For Your World And Fellow Human Beings

NOT From What You Can Get Out Of It

Therefore, my recommendation to you is to change your perspective to giving rather than receiving.

Because, at the end of the day, this is not only something that depends entirely on you, but it is also the true source of your self-fulfilment and actualisation.

So, find out what it is you are truly good at – which in all likelihood coincides with what makes your heart be inundated by ecstatic bliss – and place all of your efforts – or as much as you possibly and practically can – there.

Observe how happy the fact alone that you can give and help others in your own unique way makes you.

And, then, you will eventually not fail to notice that there will be a reward for your efforts.

This reward will probably not take the form or shape you might have originally imagined, but it shall definitely come and t shall definitely be sufficient to meet all your true needs – even those you may not as of yet be aware of.

So… don’t hold back anything!

Give It All Out,

Rejoice In Your Generosity…

And Then Give Out Some More!

You have to trust this process.

It cannot go wrong.

Listen to your inner compass, this is the only thing that counts.

Do not wait to receive before you give, and do not give out in moderation.

You are one with the world and the world is one with you, so…

The More You Give 

In Accordance With Who You Truly Are

The More You Shall Get

And the more you shall get, the even more you shall give and get.

This is the golden virtuous cycle of life, no question about it.

Now, then, in order to know what exactly it is that you are meant to give so as to get the most out of your life, it would be good, helpful and meaningful to understand who you truly are, don’t you think?

And, truth be told, getting to know who you truly are is not a simple or easy business.

Luckily For You… 

I’ve Got You Covered!

Check this out.

I don’t believe you will be able to find many such a self-realization comprehensive, step-by-step, guide, no matter how hard you look.

So why not give it a chance, right here, right now?

Until next time,

Remain alert, present, and be sure to generously share all your beauty and uniqueness with the world.

Because it is hungry for it, I can assure you…!


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