You Have The Right To Be Wrong: A Brief Manifesto

This post is a bit different than any of the previous posts in my present blog.

I would like for you to see it as my attempt to draft a truly genuine Bill of Rights.

This is a Bill of Rights that doesn’t have to be submitted for a consultation by a committee of legal experts.

No Parliament or Congress needs to approve it.

There are neither cunning exemptions nor *wink-wink* asterisks included in it.

It’s valid, down to the last comma, and it’s applicable to every single one of you.

No matter who you currently are or where you’re coming from.

This is your Bill of Rights.

The Bill of your Rights.

These are the Rights of the special, unique and unrepeatable Human Being that you are.

Here goes…

You have the right to:

Be wrong. You have the right to make mistakes. To learn and grow from them

Live your life as you want to live it.

Engage with any causes, initiatives or projects that make sense to you.

Do something new every day.

Believe in yourself and in the inherent value of each, human or other, being.

Exercise, recognize and gravitate towards goodness and kindness.

Discover who you truly are.

Deal with whatever life throws at you. With a smile on your face.

Be a beacon of love and notice the many incredible ways the love you freely and graciously share with the world returns to you.

Give everything you’ve got to give, without expecting anything in return.

Relax and take deep breaths whenever you feel you need to.

Listen to your body. Cater for its true needs.

Let your imagination run wild, while ensuring it always stays under your control.

Forgive and let go whatever doesn’t serve you, once you have experienced it fully.

Be free; and if you feel you aren’t, realize you are the only one who can truly liberate you.

Surrender to Life’s Flow.

Get in touch and embrace your innermost Stillness and Silence.

Remain silent, as long as you consciously choose to.

Speak up, when you know you have or you want to.

Help your fellow human, and other, beings; whenever you can, and as much as possible.

Realize there’s nothing inherently wrong with you or anyone/anything else.

Understand that you are meant for greatness, in your own, one of a kind, way.

See that you cannot be measured against any criteria other than those pertaining to your true Self…

Which means that you have the right to devote as much time as you need to discover and realize your True Self.

You have the right to be alone, but not lonely.

Do what you have to do; and be all you can be.

Indulge yourself, but not to the point of becoming numb or addicted to anything or anyone.

Live in constant enthusiasm, excitement, bliss.

Think any thought made by your mind, and feel any feeling that arises within you; without, however, identifying with them.

Be always open.

Think through carefully the potential consequences of your actions, while avoiding that they paralyze you for no good reason.

Write to me, sharing anything you would like. I mean it!

Be of service, not a burden.

Enjoy any good thing life offers you, without second thoughts or feelings of remorse.

Correct your misdeeds or wrongdoings, and learn and grow from them; yet, without succumbing to guilt for having committed them. What happened, happened.

Be surprised. Preferably, pleasantly. But you also have the right to turn any initially unpleasant surprise into an opportunity for your growth.

Trust and be trusted.

Reflect and explore.

Test and be tested.

You have the right to listen and observe everything that’s going on around you.

At times, take decisive action to dissolve uncertainty and confusion.

At other times, embrace these temporarily uncomfortable feelings and allow them to guide you to something new, something you could have never previously imagined that it could be a part of your life.

Question where you’re going and how to get there.

Take bold decisions, after reflecting on them with a cool mind and forging them with a fiery heart.

Always go to the end of whatever journey you start, but not necessarily by following the exact way you had in mind in its beginning.

Be flexible and agile, but without betraying your core values and principles.

Defend what you stand for, with all your might.

Be aggressive, yet calm.

Be serene, but not subservient.

You have the right to remember, without allowing your memories to drag you along to places you don’t want to go.

Entertain as many ideas as you can and wish, without worshipping any of them like it’s a deity or the ultimate truth of the Universe.

Make 1,000 mistakes so long as you also make 1,000 subsequent corrections.

Be natural and not think through every little thing you want to say or do before saying or doing it.

Celebrate and mourn when and for as long as it’s appropriate to do so.

You have the right to judge nobody, including yourself.

Replace as many “but” as you can in your life with as many “and”; and then some more!

Say always yes to life, even when you literally say no.

Sit back and enjoy this big, wonderful, crazy show! You have the right to be its protagonist and spectator.

Lucky you!

And finally…

You have the right to not only accept but also sense that you aren’t a part of the Universe; it’s the whole Universe that’s within you.

Until next time,

Be safe and remain alert!

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