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You Reap What You Sow, But You Are Neither The Sower Nor The Reaper

One of the most prominent concepts associated with one of the most ancient religious and spiritual traditions of the world – the Hindu one – is that of karma.

As is often the case, the notion of karma has been subjected to a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpretations throughout the millennia since it first appeared, but especially during our (post)modern times.

Thus, it has now adopted its own chaotic dynamic, having reached the point of being something like an “umbrella” term that means nothing and everything at the same time.

My goal here is to address this confusion about karma and dispel it.

(At least as a starting point)…

So, what the heck is this karma thing all about?

Karma Is An Expression Of The Cosmic Law

Whereby The Consequences Of Any Action You Initiate

Always Come Back To You

Or, In Even Simpler Terms, You Always Reap What You Sow

In other words, karma is telling you that “you can run, but you can’t hide”; whatever you do will eventually, sooner or later, bear an impact upon your life, of which impact the nature (“good” or “bad”) will be directly related to the nature (“good” or “bad”) of your initial action.

One could also say “if not in your present life, then in one of your next ones”, but let’s not further complicate things by entering into a debate on “reincarnation” .

In practice, the notion of karma provides an intuitive and useful moral code for organising and regulating the lives of human beings, individually and collectively.

It is almost identical with the concept of the, so called, Golden Rule:

Do Unto Others As You Would Like Them Do Unto You

The acceptance and adoption of a karma-like principle by the overwhelming majority of the members of a human society is supposed to secure the smoothness of its operations and the well-being of its members.

In practice, of course, this hasn’t worked as perfectly as one would expect or like, especially in the modern Western societies.

This is because, as opposed to traditional societies, the mental model of the Westerners is based on individualism, which basically postulates that every human being is an “isolated island”, separated from the rest of the world.

The latter starting where the former’s body ends.

This is of course not true, as, clearly, no form of life can ever be fully separated from its environment (which defines it in the first place, at least indirectly).

Nonetheless, this misleading belief has nowadays prevailed in the majority of the, so called, “civilized world”.

Thus, in the mind of most people, karma, which goes along with an overarching feeling of a “divine” order presiding over the affairs of the world, represents an obsolete and primitively naïve perception of how things work in the Universe.

In effect, and in most modern societies, this has led to the replacement of the belief in karma – or karma-like concepts – by a belief in randomness, chaos, and impersonal, blind and merciless cosmic forces as the ruling principle of the fate of humanity.

As per this latter belief, you may be the sower and the reaper of various things, but it is questionable, or even deniable, if there is a clear thread linking each of your “sowings” with a corresponding “reaping”.

Let us now consider something else.

Even if we accept karma is a 100% valid cosmic law, and, thus, you indeed always reap what you sow…

This Doesn’t Mean That You Are Either The Sower Or The Reaper

It sounds paradoxical, yet think about it: 

Both of these are roles that you can only assume temporarily.

You cannot be the sower AND the reaper, at the same time.

The two roles have to alternate.

You sow for a moment; and then the moment’s gone.

You reap for a moment; and then this moment is gone as well.

Which means:

You Are Neither The Sower Nor The Reaper

Who – or WHAT – you truly are is Something that is beyond both reaping and sowing.

It may enjoy both roles, in their right time and place, but It doesn’t identify Itself with any of them (nor does It identify Itself with anything else of a transitory nature, for that matter).

So, what is this Thing that is your True Identity?

You can start exploring the answer to this “question of questions” of your, or ANYONE’S, life, by clicking here.

I mean… why wait and not begin this self-transformational and self-awakening journey right here, right now?

Granted, things are probably not as dramatic for me to proclaim it’s now or never… yet, it is true that never again will this present moment of Now be repeated.

In any case, and no matter whether you start your self-exploration journey now or later, I urge you to remain always present and alert, no matter where you are, no matter what you do or what is going on around you.

I guarantee you that this is the best advice I have ever received, and it will benefit you tremendously if you abide by it.

Not to mention that it will make both your sowing and your reaping times, “good” and “bad” alike, not only tolerable, but also enjoyable.

So long,


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