A Spiritual Awakening Journey

Who Are You?

How To Answer Your Life’s Most Important Question...


... And Discover Who You Truly Are


Your Spiritual Awakening Book

By Alex Exarchos


…But if there is one true Origin for us all, then there must be at least one truly workable way to rediscover this Origin of ours…

And reclaim It, based on our knowledge of who we really are.

And who we really are is, on another level, who we are yet to become.

Who we are being/becoming with every breath we take…

- From the Epilogue (“Who am I”) of the book “WHO ARE YOU?”


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This is a message for you, the true you


Good day, dear reader and friend.

I reckon that the most fundamental question in your life is also its number one mystery.

Because while it is something as close to you as anything could ever, it may very well remain forever out of your reach.

And slip out of your hands every time you think you have grasped it.


It is the question of the true essence and nature of yourself


The simplest way to phrase this question is:

Who are you?

If you’re honest, it’s a question you could probably not answer. At least, not on the spot.

And any reply you would immediately give would, likely, be wrong or incomplete.

That’s because it would probably be a product of external conditioning. Applied to you ever since you can remember yourself.

I know this from my own experience.

See, I struggled for many years to come up with a meaningful response to that question.

Looking back, I clearly see that this “struggle’ was, in reality, a big journey.

One that every human being must go through.

It is a challenging, but also liberating journey. Full of insights, adventures, risks and rewards.

Also full of surprises. Sometimes joyful, other times unpleasant. But, always, helpful and necessary.

It is a journey of true self-investigation.

True self-realization

And true self-transformation.


It is a journey of true spiritual awakening


Inspired by my personal self-discovery story, I recently sat down and started putting it into words.

Eventually, it turned into a whole book.

Its title is: «Who Are You?».

«Who Are You?» details my carefully designed, 18-step spiritual awakening process.

Of course, when I was going through it, it was far more spontaneous and less systematic than how it is described in the book.

Yet, that's the point of "Who Are You?".

To organize and give structure to something that would otherwise be too fleeting and incomprehensible.

The step-by-step process I introduce in this book aims at gradually and smoothly lead you to what can be your spiritual awakening.


Your understanding and experience of your true self


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The spiritual awakening process "Who Are You?" introduces is firmly rooted upon the wisdom drawn from ancient Greek Philosophy and Mythology.

To be more specific, it is closely related to the teachings of one of the first, and most influential, philosophers in human history:


In writing this book I understood a very important thing:

I was always meant to act as a vehicle for describing and sharing this spiritual awakening process with my fellow human beings.

See, ever since I was very young, I have been studying the most valuable artifacts of my ancestors’ (ancient Greeks) profound knowledge.

I have done so with insatiable hunger and passion.

It is therefore only natural that this timeless wisdom is the backbone of the process introduced in “Who Are You?”.

And I know that this 18-step spiritual awakening journey will resonate with every human being.

Including you, regardless of how you grew up or where you find yourself right now, at this moment.

I know it because its three stages (each made of 6 distinct steps), named self-investigation, self-realization and self-transformation, are built in a way that everyone can find meaningful and helpful.

To mention few characteristic examples from the book:

Nearly everyone (including you, I bet) is suffering from the effect of harmful desires and fears. This is analyzed and tackled in the fourth step of the self-investigation stage

Nearly everyone is struggling to find the proper motivation to truly turn things around in their lives. This is dealt with in the third step of the self-realization stage.

Finally, nearly everyone is striving to find their true identity and purpose in life and serve it. If you get the book, you will find the tools to achieve this at the fifth step of the self-transformation stage.

Yes, almost at the end of the book. Because this is a very important novelty this spiritual awakening process introduces:


In order to know who you truly are

you first need to remove all that you are not


Now having said all of this, there is only one thing you need to do before you begin this journey:


Pledge to do whatever it takes to answer the question of questions:


Who are you?

If you have read all the way down here, for the life of me, I cannot imagine you wouldn't want to know the answer to this question.


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At this point, I need your attention


For me, “Who Are You?” is truly a lifetime's work.

If I were to fairly translate the effort and time I devoted to writing it into money, it would be worth many times its current Amazon price.

But it was my conscious decision to set an as low a price as possible for “Who Are You?” during its launch phase.

This is because I know that as many people as possible must be in a position to buy and read it.

Having said this, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to keep the price at this low level for very long.

So, now it’s really the time for you to act and get your discounted e-book copy of “Who Are You?”.

I am very confident that your return on this limited financial investment will exceed all your expectations.

And this will surely be the case, if you commit to follow through with the book’s practical exercises.

All the way. End-to-end.

Trust me, that is the best way for you to engage with “Who Are You?”.

And that is how you can benefit to the fullest from the unique spiritual awakening process it proposes.


Get Your “Who Are You?Spiritual Awakening E-book NOW...

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Before I conclude, there is a very important point I must stress


“Who Are You?” is not your typical spiritual awakening book.

In fact it is quite different than most of the books included nowadays in this category.

The special nature of this book is not mainly due to its content.

Don’t get me wrong, the content is original.

Especially in the way it is presented and arranged. And there are solid philosophical and spiritual foundations behind every chapter.

But what really makes the difference in the case of “Who Are You?” relates to the unique, and often unconventional, spiritual awakening process it introduces.

To my knowledge, no one has ever introduced such a gradual sequence of powerful and unprecedented spiritual awakening stages and steps. All of which are given to you in the proper and complete theoretical background and with exact practical implementation guidelines.

By the way, this brings me to highlight another reason why "Who Are You?" is a truly authentic spiritual awakening book.

This refers to the way it invites you to take full ownership of the process it introduces.

And tailor it to your genuine spiritual needs and your current stage of personal evolution. As flexibly as you need to.

The order and style of the practical exercises included in the book are designed precisely with this element in mind.

In the end, you alone, of course, can be the judge of whether “Who Are You?” is truly the book for you.

You are the only one who can truly say if its spiritual awakening process is really for you.

If this is the process that can guide you to get to know and realize who you truly are.

Now, I must be fully honest with you.


There is always a risk when one enters such a process


I am making this risk very explicit in the book, in all crucial instances in which it needs to be flagged.

This is the risk of releasing and facing certain forces within you that, by nature, can be dangerous, when following some of the exercises, especially in the self-realization stage.

Forces that can threaten your mind’s and soul’s integrity.


Is this risk worth taking?


Yes. Absolutely.



a) It is possible to tackle it. And I provide you in the book with all the guidance you need to achieve this.

b) It is infinitely smaller than what the true risk would be, if you were to never enter such a spiritual awakening journey.

At this point, I believe I’ve said enough.

I have no doubt that if you’ve read my article down to this point:

a) you are motivated in investing some serious time in your very own spiritual awakening and self-realization journey; and

b) you sense that “Who Are You?” may be the game-changing book you have been looking for. Possibly for quite some time now, and without avoiding a few disappointments along the way of your self-knowledge quest.

Again, why to buy "Who Are You?"?

Because this book can empower you to engage, under the best and safest possible terms, in your life’s most important transformational quest.

So, rest assured that:

By giving “WHO ARE YOU?” a chance, you are giving yourself an even bigger one!


Aren’t you worth it?

You most definitely are! Every human being is.


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I truly hope I see you on the other side…!

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