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Your Wealth Depends On The Value You Add, Not On What You “Own”

Because, you see, Friend, you never really “own” anything of this world.

Nothing is forever, and that most certainly includes all of your possessions.

You don’t expect to take them with you once you reach your body’s date of expiration, do you?

Sorry to be a bit blunt, but the idea of possession is quite absurd, come to think of it.

Anything you have can be taken from you at any instant, in an astonishingly diverse number of ways; that much is clear, and history has attested to this truth, time and again, in an extremely rich variety of ways.

It is, then, very understandable that the people who identify themselves with their “wealth” – that is the amount of their material or intangible “possessions” – are the ones who are typically among the most insecure one could meet in one’s life.

Personally, I always found it very challenging to reconcile myself with the conventional meaning our society attaches to wealth.

You Own A Lot Of Random Stuff…

Ergo You Are Wealthy

Can it really be, I was wondering, that wealth equates to something so superficial?

In my ceaseless questioning of the traditional concept of wealth, I even reached the other extreme: that of looking at any rich person I met in a skewed and, honestly, quite prejudiced way: as if these individuals were not entitled to enjoy their affluence.

Fortunately, I soon realized that true wealth is irrelevant to things such as owning truckloads of money, luxurious houses or cars, or other lavish properties and means of living.

I saw, instead, that:

True Wealth Is Proportional

To The Value One Adds To The World

Let’s face it: we arrived at this life, each one of us armed with out special abilities, talents and skills, to create something meaningful, to add value to our world with our deeds and actions.

And this is then what defines in my book what a wealthy individual is:

It Is Someone

Who Is Busy Creating And / Or Serving Something Of True Value

To Other Human Beings And, In General, To The World

According To Their Unique Talents And Inclinations

Those who are really committed to adding value to our world in such a way are the ones who live like true Kings and Queens, regardless of the eventual amount of material possessions that they eventually gather or, better, that ends up in their custody.

Those who hear their true calling, grasp it and get on with it, consistently serving it for the remainder of their lives, comprise the actual “jet set” of humanity.

They are the heart and soul of our species.

Because they have fully understood and accepted who they truly are and are making the most out of it, by giving out as much of their essence as possible, in the form of their manifold tangible and intangible creations, deliverables and services.

And the good news is that:

You, Too, Can Be One Of Them

You can join the elite club of the truly rich and powerful.

That is, the ones whose status and strength doesn’t stem from what they own, but from the immense and unique value they tirelessly and selflessly create and disseminate to others, without expecting anything in direct return to their generous offerings.

Are you interested in joining this club?

You are?

Then Begin By Finding Out Who You Truly Are

Start now your self-realization / spiritual awakening journey.

Once you do – and if your desire is earnest and powerful enough – you will soon start observing that everything in your life will fall in its right place.

And the joy you will feel thereafter cannot fit into words…

Until next time,

Remain alert, present and realize that you are already the richest human being alive!

Therefore, all you need to do is to see this majestic wealth that is buried deep within you, and open your true Self’s treasure chest to shape and share it with all of your Brothers and Sisters.


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