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Introducing Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat. The Best Yoga Mat In The World According To The Top Yoga Teachers And Thousands Of Enthusiastic Yoga Aficionados.

The Sweat-Free, Dirt-Free And Injury-Free Yoga Mat That Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee

This Yoga Mat Will Never Peel, Flake Or Fade; If It Does, It Will Be Replaced

An Outstanding Yoga Mat That Its Performance Grip Improves Over Time

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If You Really Want The Best Yoga Mat

Then Manduka ProLite Is The Yoga Mat For You




Because It Offers You The Following Unparalleled Benefits

Superb Quality

Produced through an emissions-free manufacturing process and being 100% latex-free, the ProLite yoga mat is hand-finished, like all yoga mats of Manduka's PRO series.

The fact that the ProLite yoga mat's colorfields colors are hand-processed makes each pattern, and therefore your very own yoga mat, unique.

Lifetime Warranty

The meticulous and superior quality of the ProLite yoga mat ensures that, as opposed to the overwhelming majority of other yoga mats out there, it will never peel, fade or flake.

Even so, for your peace of mind, Manduka guarantees that if your ProLite yoga mat will be subject to any kind of wearing out, at any point in time and as a result of your practice, it will be immediately replaced.

Ideal Thickness

At 4.7mm in density, the ProLite yoga mat comfortably cushions any point of contact on hard floors and provides optimal protection to all joints and sensitive parts of your body.

Therefore, the risk of hurting yourself while practicing on this yoga mat is really minimal.

Extreme Sweat And Dirt Resistance

Like all yoga mats of Manduka's PRO Series, the ProLite is constructed of a closed-cell surface (non-absorbent), which increases its longevity and prevents bacteria and moisture from being absorbed by it.

This feature allows this yoga mat to be kept highly hygienic over time and to last much longer than regular yoga mats, which typically absorb a lot of sweat or moisture.

This exceptional sweat resistance of the ProLite makes it ideal for the most perspiring yoga lovers among you, as well as for practicing hot yoga.

To note an additional benefit: the closed-cell surface of the ProLite yoga mat makes its post-practice cleaning a really easy and super-quick process.

Lightweight And Easily Portable

Weighing in at 4 pounds (or 1.8 kilos), the ProLite yoga mat truly lives up to the second component of its name ("light").

It goes without saying that you can easily carry it with you wherever you feel like practicing your yoga routine; be it indoors or outdoors.

Stability On Any Surface

The proprietary dot-patterned bottom material of the ProLite yoga mat holds it in place on the floor, on almost any kind of hard or soft surface.

This results in extreme stability and elimination of slipperiness, making your yoga practice immensely enjoyable.

Improved Performance Over Time

The Manduka ProLite yoga mat is designed so as its grip improves over time. Like your favorite pair of jeans, this yoga mat is made to be worn in, not out.

Therefore, the ProLite yoga mat's performance can only be improved with time. This practically means that in order for you to get the best performance out of this yoga mat you are encouraged to practice, practice, practice!

As an additional benefit, the ProLite's professional medium grip allows you to flow between postures without unpleasantly sticking to the mat's surface.



Eco-Friendly Certification

The ProLite yoga mat is responsibly crafted in an emission-free facility in Germany. This is to help curb the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and to reduce overall yoga mat consumption.

Moreover, like the case is with all Manduka's PRO Series yoga mats, the ProLite is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ (12.HUS.17706 | Hohenstein HTTI) to keep you and your loved ones completely safe and secure from the impact of any harmful substances.

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What people say about it

“When I am on the Manduka ProLite, it’s almost as if I am not using a yoga mat at all... It doesn’t move, stretch, smell, or wear out like many other mats. This is my steady platform that I practice on daily.”


Rod Stryker
founder of ParaYoga® and author

My experience with this mat is sheer perfection...

Super non-stick surface. I love this mat!



Peter Bolland
Philosophy Professor


ProLite Yoga Mat Can Be Your Yoga Mat For Life

The numerous benefits listed in this article make the case for the ProLite to be your new, and forever, yoga mat very compelling.

The raving reviews of so many experts and thousands of yoga practitioners and lovers make it even more solid.

And the lifetime guarantee offered by Manduka makes securing this yoga mat a completely risk-free investment for you.

Therefore, there's only one thing left for you to do, if you want to forever kiss goodbye the uncomfortable yoga sessions of your past...

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Your New ProLite Yoga Mat