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Don’t Believe In It, Just Live It And Be IT

How many of your beliefs have you challenged today?

How many of your hardcore assumptions about how things should function in your life have you examined in the spirit of the most penetrating insight you could ever muster?

How many of your automatic, default reactions to the stimuli of your environment have you distanced yourself from and patiently and thoroughly questioned?

How much have you allowed yourself to deviate from the rails of your habitual thoughts and actions, engraved on your routine by so many cycles of past, reflexive, mindless repetition?

I apologise if all this sounds too harsh.

But the truth is that to “snap out of it”, as they say, a little shock can never hurt too much.

You may ask:

To Snap Out Of Exactly What?

The short answer to that question is: 

All the things, beliefs and ideas that are NOT aligned with your true nature.

This is what you must get rid of, discard, reject, because all these things are like parasites, eating away nearly all of your vitality, energy and creative potential.

And every human being is by default gifted with an extremely potent inner fountain of vitality, energy and creative potential.

Including you, needless to say.

But, as just said:

In Order To Access And Unleash Your True, Innermost Power

You Must First Clear Yourself Of All Unnecessary And Harmful Baggage You Carry With You

However, you mustn’t do so in a panicking, hasty, or destructive (of your self and / or others) fashion, that’s for sure.

What is also sure is that there are ways for you to realize who you are, which are relatively swift, painless and, in general, do not require extreme hassle.

For instance, have a look here.

Of course, if you think your beliefs serve you well, then you have every reason to ignore all these assertive recommendations of mine.

Yet, I can’t help but assume that since you are still reading these lines, you probably sense that there is indeed something problematic about your established worldview.

The feeling of imbalance and dissatisfaction that so often, on a daily basis, overwhelms you attests to that, doesn’t it?

Now, you may think that perhaps this is the fault of the specific beliefs you happen to subscribe to currently.

And that if you were to replace these “wrong” beliefs with a set of “correct” ones, you would find the solution to your problem.

But, I’m afraid, this is far from true.

Yes, it is true that some beliefs match better your idiosyncrasies and inherent features, and therefore may even – appear to – contribute to your potential success and wellbeing in life.

But even if it may be so for a while, it is an indisputable fact that:

No Belief Can Serve You Forever

Actually, the root cause of the whole problem is located in the belief-generating mechanism itself.

This mind-made mechanism is naturally alien to Reality; simply because the former is finitely rigid, while the latter is infinitely flexible.

In other words, the meta-belief according to which there is a single belief or a specific set of beliefs that can fully and definitely encapsulate Reality is fundamentally and flagrantly wrong.

To Believe That Reality Can Be Fully Enclosed In And Described By A Belief 

Is Akin To Believing That You Can Capture The Essence Of A River Or Wind In A Bottle

So, don’t rely on your preconceived beliefs about anything.

Don’t believe you can go through life interacting with people and situations exclusively through the limiting and distorting senses of any belief you may have adopted.

It is when you remove or suspend all your beliefs that your inextricable connection with Life finally jumps unhindered to the foreground.

That’s when you stop believing, and you start living and Being.

I am not asking you to… believe in me!

I am only asking you to further examine what I am saying, entirely on your own or relying on some helpful and practical guidance, and judge for yourself if it makes sense for you or if it doesn’t.

Until next time, remain present and alert, and remember:

To Be Or To Live Anything 

You Must Not Believe… In Anything!



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